Boring Sunday afternoons

13 april 2014 - Hong Kong Island, China

So I have not written anything the past week, but I have been busy with studying for exams, which start in 21 days (!), avoiding the rain, art exhibitions, incoming university offers and a game which has got me totally addicted called ‘2048’.

Luckily for the community the weather has turned around and the last weeks has been warm and sunny. This week was also the last week of Quan Cai’s. On Thursday this was supposed to mean the last time Pinehill and the last time to see my kid, but I was struck by food poisoning and mist the precious outing. I was told that my child was looking for me and I feel extremely sad to not have been able to say goodbye.

On Tuesday Morgan (Ireland) organised one of her regular tea parties and besides conversations around ‘’would you rather ….?’’ it was also a moment to reflect on the past year and pass some wisdom on to our first years. Wednesday was our last Amnesty meeting with desserts and more reflections. That night a miracle happened as the internet was available all night instead of being shut off at 12. Shira (Israel) and I used this opportunity; I studied geography and she watched ‘Suits’. The study was of course with frequent breaks in which our graduation trip was discussed as well as more serious topics that came up in my study.

On Thursday evening we practiced for music night, which ended with five of us discussion life and our future until 2 am under the ‘’starry’’ sky. On Saturday I attended a university reception. In practise that meant that all the admitted LPC students were concentrated around the fancy canapés displayed. In the evening it was sappy girl time with dim sum and froyo. Dim sum is tipically eaten for brunch and our supper was laughed at by some of the campus community.

I can confidently say that Friday marks the start of my upcoming emotional rollercoaster. It was the last music night in Arnett’s house. The night kicked of with our performance of ‘Growing Up’, a song which one of our second years sang last year. The tears started flowing when Gaelle (Haiti), the most amazing singer on campus, performed. Seeing my roommate Emma perform did not help calm the emotions. This was followed by another set of tears when my first year dedicated a song to me and the last tears were shed when the last performance united the audience with ‘Turning Tables’ by Adele.

After this Music night we were emotionally too unstable to eat in the canteen so with take a way Cha Su Fan (BBQ pork) we sneaked into the garden of Double Cove, the fancy new apartment complex next to our school.

Sunday was a little different from normal Sundays. It was scheduled that we would film the LPC lipdub. So at 11 in the morning 70 very colourfully dressed students assembled at the poolside to start filming our LPC lipdub. After some rerouting and adjusting the lipdub was successfully filmed, which of course means that everyone ended up in the pool. After the hectic morning with a lot of running around in the burning sun it was time to dress up business casual, of which I had never heard before, to attend another university reception (the last one). The reception was in the American club, with its private elevator to take us to the 48th floor. During the presentation I had a magnificent view of Hong Kong provoking even more sentiment this week. After the reception Lucy, whose parents are visiting, invited some friends to dinner, so we feasted on Chinese food.

How diverse are we   Pool Party


4 more days of classes until study leave. Wish me luck!